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Benefits of Coconut Oil

Raw, virgin coconut oil is perhaps the best natural ingredient for skin care available as it softens the skin and safeguards it from damage, encourages healing, resulting in a more healthy appearance. Coconut oil provides protection against damaging free radicals and even offers the added benefit of keeping the skin from forming liver spots and other blemishes that are brought on by aging and over exposure to sunlight, which are signs of free-radical deterioration of the lipids in the skin.Coconut oil increases your metabolism.Not only does coconut oil convert to energy quicker in your body, it increases your metabolism, which promotes weight loss. Because it boosts your metabolism, it helps your body burn fat more effectively.Coconut oil may triple your calorie burn. Since coconut oil is a MCT, it is converted to energy so quickly that it creates a lot of heat. In a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, MCT's burn three times more calories for six hours after a meal than LCT's.The Co...


Foodstuffs You Should Avoid To Lower Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a huge difficulty in Western countries and the difficulty is spreading from older people to younger individuals and from Westerners to Easterners. Health authorities all over the world are warning of the heart disease time bomb that is ticking away. That is all well and good, but the difficulty is is that not a lot of individuals are taking any notice until it is rather late.One of the biggest concerns is that individuals do not think before purchasing a meal or a snack - if they are hungry, they will simply buy a hamburger or a pie. Another big difficulty, is that the generation born in the Seventies did not learn how to cook, but instead depended on junk food. They have also passed that on to their children and so it carries on.This state of affairs has led to the rise in heart disease. So, what can be done about it? Well, the best thing would be for people to go back forty or fifty years and begin again, but since that is not likely, it is helpful to look into that earlier lifestyle and see ...


How to Prepare a Weight Loss Meal

Sometimes when you are attempting to lose weight, the temptation and the lure of fast food and unhealthy eating can prove to be a bit too much for you to handle and many times, you end up caving in to your cravings for food. If you are one of those individuals who lead a very busy life, eating in or ordering out can prove to be less expensive and more convenient , but it comes at a cost. Many fast foods or processed foods are packed full of unhealthy ingredients and that can lead you down the path of weight gain. The best alternative to fast food is to prepare and cook your own meals. This is the best way that you can be assured that you are eating a delicious and healthy meal because you have complete control of what is going into your body and it will help you to maintain your best weight. Here are a few tips that will help you to prepare meals that will not only taste good, but they will also help you not to put on any extra pounds.The first thing that you can do is to picture yourself as a vegetarian. Yo...


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